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Multiple yarn guides cute cheap lingerie offer greater variety in lace lingerie

23 October 2009, Obertshausen - According to raschel lacemachine builder Karl Mayer, manufacturers of elegant lace fabrics for global marketswant machines which operate more efficiently and offer greater variety andflexibility. Accordingly this represents a constant challenge to machinebuilders like the Obertshausen based company.

To give lace designers greater scope when creating designs,Karl Mayer offers multiple yarn guides for use on its lace raschel machines.Seven different types of these complex yarn guide elements are available and,depending on the machine gauge, can bring between three and 24 guides permultiple yarn guide into play when working the pattern. This facility is nowalso available on the company’s ML 45 multibar raschel lace machine.

The lace ribbon described here illustrates how thishigh-speed multibar raschel machine gives greater flexibility. A totalof 26 multiple yarn guides can be used per pattern bar and again, depending onwhich type is used, they may combine 24 guides each, and are threaded one in,one out. 12 guides are therefore available per multiple yarn guide for workingthe pattern. The 0-scheme gives details of the set-up of the knitting elements.

The pattern bars with the multiple yarn guides can work avariety of patterns in the ground with two ground constructions. Depending onthe lapping, relatively open-mesh nets or alternatively denser netgrounds can be produced, depending on the design of the floral patternin the background. The result is a mass of flowers with leaves entwining aroundtransparent goblets on an ornamental,filigree, hatched pattern. The different designs in the ground give themultibar lace a filigree appearance that has been produced with great attentionto detail. A sample of this lace design is included in the ‘Patterns’ sectionof the latest edition of Kettenwirk Praxis under Karl Mayer patternno. 124/09 for closer inspection.

According to Karl Mayer, cute cheap lingerie the ML 45 can process 26 of theselace ribbons simultaneously with ground guide bar GB 9 producing the joiningsections. With machine speeds of up to 850 rpm, this multibar raschel machinewith multiple yarn guides offers top performance levels, the company says

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