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How Can You lingerie manufacturers china Set The Mood For A Romantic Getaway? With Sexy Lingerie, Of Course!

Perhaps underwear manufacturers china you are planning a honeymoon for your June wedding - or a romantic getaway with your man. You want to feel sexy. First step: elegant lingerie! However, something that looks good in a catalogue may not emphasize positive features.

Size yourself up in the mirror. Find something wholesale bikinis about yourself that is especially alluring. Maybe it is your silky-smooth neck, glossy hair, bedroom eyes, or shapely legs. Well-chosen lingerie will draw the eyes to your most attractive features. Your intimate apparel should make you feel like Cleopatra - sexy, alluring, and a little daring.

Women with pear-shaped bodies often have small breasts and ample hips. If you are concerned about the size of your breasts, give them a boost with a comfortable push-up bra. Better yet, wear something that allows just a glimpse of your cleavage - like a keyhole teddy or a skimpy baby-doll nightie that ties at the neck and shows off your legs.

An inverted-trianglebody shape often stems from a muscular upper body or large breasts. To draw attention to your breasts, try wearing a chemise with a plunging neckline, a see-through bra - or for the truly adventurous - a corset with nipple cutouts. A low-cut semi-transparent negligee will showcase your breasts while allowing tantalizing glimpses of the treasures wrapped up inside.

Women with hourglass figures are fortunate. Everything will suit you. Instead of concentrating on lingerie (which you know will look good no matter what you pack), you might want to splurge on a pedicure or tint your hair a different color just for the fun and mystery.

Apple shaped? Don't despair! Big is beautiful - and sexy! Try an internet search for 'intimate apparel for plus size women' and you will find thousands of pages to pore through. The selection is comprehensive, including everything from bridal negligees, to naughty chemises, waist-cinching corsets, baby doll ensembles and more. An added plus to internet shopping is that you can purchase without embarrassment and see how things will look by viewing photos of real plus-size lingerie models.

Decide which colors look most attractive on you. Obtain some fabric remnants from a sewing boutique or colorful items from a thrift shop. Stand in front of the mirror and hold various colors up to your face. If you have sultry blue or green eyes, matching colors may intensify their mystique. Blondes are often flattered by muted pastel shades. Brunettes look fantastic in vibrant, deeper colors. And redheads can sizzle up their look with black teddies edged in red lace or red cinchers trimmed in black. Is your hair black? Experiment with ebony or navy blue trimmed in a color that matches your eyes.

When making a lingerie purchase, you absolutely must obtain precise body measurements. Use a good-quality measuring tape and be honest. Don't try to squeeze into something that is meant for a 30-inch waist if you are really a 32. There is nothing 'unsexier' than the distressed facial expression caused by wearing an outfit that is 2 sizes too small. If you aren't sure of how to measure yourself correctly, try an internet search like 'how to measure for lingerie'.

If you plan to pack your existing lingerie, examine it carefully before it goes into your suitcase. Make sure that elastic still stretches. There shouldn't be any fraying or rips. Hold everything up to the light to inspect for damage. Then try it on! Your size may have changed since the last time you wore it. Finally, launder it to make sure that is clean and fresh.

Silky lingerie can make you feel like a sex goddess. However, sexy is really a state of mind. A woman with confidence and a smile - who feels at peace with her body - will always be sexy no matter what she is wearing!

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